Wrap quotes or headers for auto send exports


Wrap quotes or headers for auto send exports

Has anyone ever figured out how to wrap quotes on auto send exports? Same question for headers on the columns. Very frustrating that this is not included because lots of vendors want this on exported data.

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Community Support Expert

Hi @jaisonmonsons,


Currently, AutoSends do not have the functionality to include headers.  We have an existing enhancement request on this to add the ability to include headers.  As a workaround, you should be able to set up a scheduled template that enables you to include headers and export through Data Export Manager. 


I recommend reaching out to the Designated Support Contact in your district to discuss further on the ability to wrap quotes on AutoSend exports and setting up a scheduled template to export that enables you to include headers.  They should be able to work with the PowerSchool SIS support team and help troubleshoot this for you.

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Here's the workaround we use for getting quoted, csv files out of PowerSchool via AutoSend. Why PowerSchool doesn't seem to care about quality import and export features is beyond me.
Why Quick Export has some features, Data Export Manager has others, and Auto Send has a whole other set is beyond confounding.
Why in ~15 years no one at PowerSchool has thought to correct BASIC things like this is inexcusable.


I'm so frustrated waiting for enhancement requests for basic features we shouldn't have to ask for, which never get fulfilled.

But don't worry, we've got an Apple Watch app for PowerSchool - something NO ONE EVER asked for. I bet that app took a LOT more time and money to develop than making exports... you know, work.


What our workflow looks like for Follett Destiny:

  • PowerSchool AutoSend as a tab delimited file to our SFTP server once a day (3AM)
  • The attached script runs daily (3:15AM)
  • Follett Destiny pulls the converted (tab delimited to quoted CSV) file from our SFTP server (3:30AM)

The reason we do the above:

PowerSchool is really really bad exporting things like street addresses as a CSV. Any students with apartment numbers product an extra comma, which throws off the entire file (adding an extra column). The workaround is to export as tab delimited.


Downsides to this workaround:

We'd prefer send the file direct from PowerSchool (hosted) to Follett Destiny (Hosted), instead, we're in the middle. This is frustrating, but works reliably every time.


Best of luck to you 🙂