Withdrawing Student During a Grading Quarter


Withdrawing Student During a Grading Quarter

We are first time users of PowerSchool and need to withdraw a student moving out of our district.  How do we withdraw this student without losing his/her grades as the end of the quarter is weeks away.  As I understand it, PowerSchool only keeps historical grades at the end of each grading period.  Do we simply have teachers print a report of his/her grades at time of withdraw and send such to the new school or is there an easier way?

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Community Support Expert

Hi @denisegulley!


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You should be able to transfer a single student out of school follow the steps outlined below:

  1. On the Start Page, search for and select the student

  2. Click Functions under Enrollment

  3. Click Transfer Out of School

  4. Fill out the webform using the following reference, then click Submit.

Upon hitting submit on the transfer page a user will get one of two messages; either a confirmation in green or a yellow message requesting that future or blank attendance be cleared. 


After transferring a student out of school, the administrator must log in to the new school and enroll the student to complete the process. 

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