Unified Administration - Changing Email From Address

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Unified Administration - Changing Email From Address



This is in regard to the eFinancePlus/Unified Administration Employee Access Center.


We are wanting to change the FROM ADDRESS for emails sent by the system when an employee forgot their password, but are not seeing any way to do that.


I have looked through the documentation, including this page: https://docs.powerschool.com/EFPHSY/employee-access-center-setup/administration-menu-selections/emai...


But I am not seeing an option to adjust these particular emails.


It appears as if the email that is sent when an employee requests to reset their password comes from one address (the Human Resources Email Address), but that the email stating that the password reset has been completed comes from a different address (the Failed-Send Email Address). Is that correct?


We were hoping that both the Password Reset Request email and the Password Reset Success email could come from the same address (in our case, a secretary who is in charge of managing user accounts, and NOT the HR Director or the Treasurer).  Is this possible?



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Hi! @TomJansen1112 


There are multiple email addresses that must be configured in Employee Access Center.  I recommend reaching out to the Designated Support Contacts within the district who should be able to create a case on your behalf with the support team and the team should be able to assist you further and provide you the resolution via the case.

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