Unable to submit attendance via Seating Chart view on PowerSchool

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Unable to submit attendance via Seating Chart view on PowerSchool

I understand there was an update to PowerSchool on Friday, December 3rd (or maybe it was Friday, November 26th).  I am now unable to submit attendance via the Seating Chart view.  There is an orange triangle and note that says "Please select an attendance code for each student" under the Submit button which I am unable to select.  I have been unable to select the Submit button under all circumstances, including:


(1)  When I click the drop down menu for all students and select the appropriate attendance code.

(2)  When I click the drop down menu for the students available for me to (as the remaining students have been coded by the front office and I am unable to change the code) and select the appropriate attendance code.


I am still able to submit attendance via the Single Day view.  However, the recent update has made a perfectly good part of this platform unusable to me!  Is there any way to remedy this?  I spoke with my district PowerSchool administrator and they had no answers for me.

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @ailcampb


We recommend trying to clear browsing history and cache and see if this resolves your issue. If you still continue facing the issue you can reach out to your PowerSchool SIS administrator who would be able to reach out to our PowerSchool SIS support team on your behalf, and help troubleshoot the issue. 

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@ailcampb  Obviously, I do not know which version of PS you are on, but this is a known issue in PowerSchool:


This is a known issue in PowerSchool.  The teacher can try to use Firefox to get around the issue or they can typically choose the attendance code from the drop down at the top > click in the picture > Submit the page.  This issue is corrected in the newest version of PowerSchool.



This issue has been resolved in PowerSchool



Teachers unable to select attendance code using the dropdown on Seating Chart when using Google Chrome browser.


Reproduction Steps

  1. Login as a teacher
  2. Click on the seating chart for any class.
  3. Select a Attendance Code by clicking on the dropdown on student's photo

Expected Results

Selected attendance code display in the box.


Actual Results

Selection is still blank after selecting the attendance code



Option 1

  1. Use Firefox browser.
  2. Take attendance on Single day attendance tab.

Option 2

  • Upgrade to Chrome version: 90.0.4430.93



  1. Only happening for some teachers in the School Districts even though they are on same Chrome Version.


  1. Development team is looking into this issue. 
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