Total absences per student


Total absences per student

I'm using Eschool PLUS, and I'm trying to figure out how to see a total number of absences per student for each of my classes. When I "generate an attendance report" I get 20 pages of day-by-day data, which I would have to comb through manually. 


All I want is a list that says:


Student 1 = 4 absences

Student 2 = 0 absences

Student 3 = 9 absences


Is that possible in Eschool PLUS for teachers?

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Hi @phansen 


If the site has enabled it, there should be an attendance report in TAC that can show based on the setup. For further assistance, I recommend reaching out to one of the Designated Support Contacts of your school district who should be able to assist you. 

Sowmya Karmel
PowerSchool Community Moderator
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