Submitting documents for application


Submitting documents for application

I have downloaded Adobe flash player and I am still having trouble submitting documents for my application. Is there anything else I can try?
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Good afternoon @rfrey !


Although I'm new to the PowerSchool Community, I'm comfortable admitting that you may need to provide more information about your application.


You've posted directly in the Community forum so you may need to specify a few things like what the application is for, what platform you're "aiming" towards, and what kind of documents you're trying to submit.


As a side note, please don't submit any personal information on a public forum like this one.


A final thought: The PowerSchool Community applications feel very modern so I wouldn't imagine that they need Adobe Flash Player for interaction.  You may have meant to submit your documents as PDFs as that's a usually accepted format.  Normal Adobe Acrobat Reader would allow you to view PDFs but most simple text editors or spreadsheet applications can "print to pdf" format for submission so it isn't really necessary.





I'm going to assume that you're trying to send your application through the Unified Talent Application.  If that's the case then this thread may help:



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