Student shared between two schools/SERTs


Student shared between two schools/SERTs

How do we share a student's IEP between 2 SERTs in Special Programs? These SERTs are in different locations far apart geographically. 

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Community Support Expert

Hi! @Em-K 


The staff will access the student document via PS SIS and by the following conditions:


  • The two staff members are listed on both PS SIS and Special Programs, they have a home school or alternate location defined which could include this student's school.
  • The student has a home school location listed in PS SIS.
  • There are no integration errors with PS SIS for the two staff members and the student's information.
  • The two staff members have security roles to allow them to at least view (read) IEPs - this is defined by the IEP template security settings
  • Staff and student share the same location (home school) or staff shares an alternate location with the student - staff and student homeschool and alternate locations, are set in PS SIS.
  • If the three do not share a location, the student must be included in both teachers' caseloads - this requires the staff to have My Caseload permissions enabled.

For more details on how to do any of these or to troubleshoot, we recommend reaching out to the Designated Support Contacts within the district who should be able to create a case on your behalf and the support team can assist you further.

Muskan Sehar

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