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My start page is now blank.  It was fine yesterday, but it's disappeared today.  When I click on staff search on the left menu, the search box comes up.  However, as soon as I click student search, the page goes blank.  


Thoughts?  Ideas?

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The first thing I would do is clear my browser cache (sounds silly, I know). After that I would turn off Customization and see if things return to normal.

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I tried clearing the cache already.  This happened to me once before and that didn't work then either.  Last time, I was able to call me district data office and they gave me a fix and I don't remember what they walked me through last time.  I called again and they don't remember/can't find the email we worked from last time 😞


I will try the customization piece.  




Hi @aory,


Here is a workaround that may be able to help solve the issue with the Start Page being blank.


Navigate to Start Page > Personalize > Initial Student Screen or Start Page > Click on your avatar on the top right of the screen > Settings > Initial Student Screen, and change it to any other value from the currently selected one and Save.


If you are continuing to face difficulty, please reach out to the Designated Support Contact on your School or District to report this issue.  The Designated Support Contacts can work with the PowerSchool Support team to take a closer look at your district's set up and work towards a solution.

Bishal G.
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