Standards & Eligibility


Standards & Eligibility

Good Morning,


I am wondering what is an efficient way to run a report for all school sponsored activities to see which students are eligible using standards based grading?  


Thank you!

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Community Knowledge Manager
Community Knowledge Manager

Hi @rsmith701

Currently, there is no specific report to run a report for all school-sponsored activities to see which students are eligible using standards-based grading. However, this can be a great Enhancement request.

You can log this as an Enhancement Request on  PowerSchool Ideas Portal so that the product team can take a look at this. This article should walk you through how to raise an Enhancement Request.


Alternatively, you can try Custom Reports to build this. We also encourage the other Community members to share their insight if they have been able to build a specific report for this.

Saffiya Tasneem
Community Moderator

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