Staff ID


Staff ID

Why can we not change the staff id field once it has been saved? Sometimes our staff ID number is not set before we need to create a profile for a teacher so we have to use a temp number in this field. When we do get a id number we have no way to simply update the field. 

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Community Support Expert

Hi @rbrolin 


Thank you for the query!


To assist you further, would you please confirm the name of the product you are referring to while trying to modify the Staff ID?

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PowerSchool Mentor

@rbrolin   You are talking about the ID number located on the staff information page? That can be changed at any time. The technical name of that field is TeacherNumber. A true ID number of a teacher or user is locations (school) specific, but the "teacher number" stays the same...unless you change it. This is when dealing with PS SIS. 

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