Special Programs Workflow Case Management

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Special Programs Workflow Case Management

I subscribe to Virginia PowerSchool Special Programs. I am looking for resources on Workflow Case Management. I was told that I should be able to access them at this link: https://help.powerschool.com/t5/Special-Programs-Platform/Platform-Release-20-6-0-0-Released-July-4-...

However, when I click on that it says I don't have access...

Please help! Thanks.

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Hi! @marcypronovost 


Thank you for reaching out to the PowerSchool Community for assistance!


We strive to protect the user's personal information and to make sure that no private information is shared on the PowerSchool community, I will follow up with you over a private message to assist you further about your community access.


You can view your private messages on the PowerSchool Community by selecting the envelope on the top right corner of any page, to the right of your avatar.  When a new message appears, you will see a number one symbol enclosed in a dark red circle on the envelope.

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I am having this same problem.


I ma having this same issue and would like access to the video if possible please.

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Hi @journeyj,


Thank you for sharing this with us.


Community is an engaging and interesting public forum where a wide variety of resources such as individual product forums, knowledge-base articles, product updates, and many more are available for all the members. Although, a few resources are available only to members with user-roles. The Designated Support Contact role within the district is the highest user-role offered by Community. If you are unable to access any resource in the Community, the resource might be limited to user-roles.


I recommend reaching out to the PowerSchool Designated Support Contact within your district, to add that role to your PowerSchool account. They can help you to connect with the Support Team and follow up with the sync process for further assistance.


You can also write an email to the PowerSchool Team at businessoperations@powerschool.com to work with the Designated Support Contacts within your district to request the role is added to your PowerSchool account on your behalf.  


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