Smart Text- type into a comment


Smart Text- type into a comment

Many of our teachers compose comments in Microsoft Word and then paste them into comments in PowerTeacher. When using PTG we could type in the Smart Text codes so that when the comments were pasted into Gradebook student names and pronouns would be changed automatically.


I know how to select the Smart Text from the dropdown in the comment bank. This is not what I am looking for. I also know that the fill comment option will change the names and pronouns too, but this option will not let you fill to a specific set of students.


Is there a way teachers can compose a comment in Word and type in the Smart Text code, copy the comment and paste it into several (but not all) students comment boxes in the comment column and have the names and pronouns change automatically?

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this is an issue for us as well. This seems to be a removal of functionality from the system. If I tell my teachers that they can't use smart text anymore, I'm going to get a revolt. 


Unless there is some other work around, according to the article linked below your copy/paste method would not work with smart text:


  • SmartText entered in PowerTeacher Pro only works in the context of the Fill function.
  • To use SmartText on a student-by-student basis, it will need to be used as part of a comment in the Comment Bank.
  • You can change the body of the comment, including the Smart Text before clicking Use Smart Text