Search Feature within Community - Ontario Group


Search Feature within Community - Ontario Group

Good morning,


Many of the Ontario, Canada clients are posting provincial specific items in our Ontario Group page (   While we find the forum very useful, we struggle with being able to search for past articles we know we've seen.     Is there any thought, or ability, to add a 'search' feature on the community pages like this?


Thanks for considering.



Erin Rowsell
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Lead Community Moderator
Lead Community Moderator

@ErinR Thank you for sharing this with us.  The Ontario Group PowerSchool Admin has reached out to share this feedback as well.  We are working on releasing a new feature in the Community that should provide the ability to search groups.  We will plan to share communciation when the feature is ready to be released.  While we do not currenlty have an exact eta, it is a higher priority that we are actively working on. 

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