Schoology Assessments View Submission


Schoology Assessments View Submission

I am beginning to use Assessments more and like the more interactive questions that can be added. When using Test/Quiz, I could select the option for students to "view results" and they could see what they got correct highlighted in green, and what they got wrong highlighted in red. That way I could assign multiple attempts, and students could see and fix what they missed, without seeing all of the correct answers.


However, in the Assessments if I select the option for students to "view results" it will not show them with highlights or any other feature that shows them what they got right and wrong. It only gives them a score to let them know they missed something, but they don't know exactly what they missed, especially in questions like matching.


When I click into see their results on my teacher account, it shows me the red and green highlights, but not for the students' accounts.


Can the function that shows students what they got correct and wrong with green and red highlights please be applied to "Assessments" for "view results" on student accounts?


Here is an image of what I see on my account of a specific student's submission:


schoology assessment.JPG

Students cannot see the red or green highlights, and therefore have no clue which items they missed and need to fix.


Here is what students see in submissions on their accounts. No highlights with a score only:


Screenshot 2022-10-11 11.14.42 AM.png


Please fix this!



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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @Bu11Moose


Currently, the feature to mark correct and wrong answers with green and red highlights is not available for assessments in the student account.


You can share this idea as an Enhancement Request on  PowerSchool Ideas Portal so that the product team can take a look at this. This article should walk you through how to raise an Enhancement Request.



Jyotishka B.
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