Scheduling Study Halls


Scheduling Study Halls

For the second semester, we have created new study hall sections. Our goal is to balance the sections as much as possible. Is there a way to delete the current study hall sections and re-run the study hall scheduler (for the second semester) so that students will populate the new sections? 

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Hi, @jsweitze1!


We do not recommend erasing scheduled study halls if the second term has already started.  Assuming that period attendance is used for the study halls, then erasing the study halls may result in a loss of attendance. However, if the second semester has not yet begun or you wish to continue, I have provided the steps to erase the study halls below.


Steps to erase scheduled study halls:

  1. Select Scheduling > Student Schedules > Student Utilities > Erase Scheduled Study Halls.
  2. Select the correct building.
  3. Select the Erase All Scheduled Study Halls checkbox if you want all scheduled study halls to be erased. Proceed to Step 5.
  4. In the Courses section, select the study halls course-sections to erase.
  5. In the Filter panel, enter criteria identifying the students whose study halls should be erased, then click Load to run the search.
    • To limit the search to students in your building, identify the building in your search criteria.
  6. In the Students Affected panel, review the list of students.
  7. If a student should not be included, select the student's 'Delete' checkbox, then click 'Delete' on the Students Affected bar.
  8. Click Run.
  9. Use the Tasks/Reports options on the Navigation bar to view task status and retrieve reports.

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We had deleted PRIOR to the start of the 2nd grading peirod.  Yes, it is true that we would ahve lost attendance, if we had waited unitl the MP 3 had started.