Scheduling 3 different lunch periods into a 4th hour

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Scheduling 3 different lunch periods into a 4th hour

Our current secondary schedules do not reflect our students lunch periods.  So a student may start out in a 4th hour class, attend for 20 minutes then go to lunch and then return to that 4th hour class.  Another student may start out in a 4th hour class attend for 40 minutes, then go to lunch and return.    There are 3 lunches to accommodate all the students at different times in the lunch room.  Our middle school schedules utilize an A day B day for specials and have 2 different bell schedules ( Advisory and Non-Advisory) .   The goal would be to create a schedule so we know exactly where the student is during this 4th hour period, either in the class room or sitting in the lunch room. I am curious of how others accomplish this goal.    Our secondary schedulers use Powerscheduler to create their schedules.    Is the solution to create 3 different 4th hours and use the use this course for lunch option or  perhaps  create a course for Lunch1, Lunch2 and Lunch3  and schedule that in,  or create a course relationship so if a Student gets scheduled in 4th hour Algebra 1 designated for 1st Lunch they also get the 1st lunch course?     Just looking for ideas to assist our Pupil Accountant to accurately account for where the student is and help the schedulers create this scenario in Powerscheduler.   Of course the periods in Powerscheduler have to match the defined periods in Powerschool so when the schedule is committed they flow through okay.  




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There's always different ways to handle things.

Here's what I do. Since at the high school we do not use teams, I use the team field to designate lunch1, Lunch 2, Lunch 3, Lunch 4 at the section level. I then have various page fragments to add the lunch time to pages in the admin side, teacher, or parent/student portal to deliver the information.

The downside to this is non-typical meeting pattern days when lunch changes. I use the type in the calendar to determine if I should add the lunch in or not. Of course if you use teams you could create an extension for the information.


This works for us, but your mileage may vary