Remote enrollment/base school

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Remote enrollment/base school

I am a counselor at a Career Tech that is set up as a remote enrollment location.  I enroll our students by mass remote enrolling them but a variety of parameters and restrictions have been placed on our process and I am trying to determine if all of this work is necessary for the other counselors and myself.  


  1. To begin, I create our master schedule, but placeholder classes are created at each of the high schools and those counselors enroll them there.  I am not allowed to pull anyone over until they "hit the button" due to it would all be erased.  
  2. Once they have "hit the button", I load the students into our remote location.
  3. We then need the place holders deleted but we are told no, because the high schools cannot see our programs to ensure everyone is scheduled.  

I feel as if we are missing something.  Is there not a way for them to run their scheduling reports that would include us, or flag them is they were trying to put a student into a block that already had one of our courses in it?


We need these placeholder courses deleted because every year it causes confusion in multiple areas.  


Thank you.

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Community Support Expert

Hi @loganfrancisco ,


Thank you for reaching out in the PowerSchool Community!


The course set up is determined at the district level. In this case, we suggest reaching out to your Designated Support Contact at your district to assist you with this issue.



Nina R.
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It sounds as though perhaps they are using PowerScheduler to create/schedule the students, so they need the placeholders to "know" they are enrolled. That makes sense to me, so that's probably the reason for the first half - the part about them "hitting the button"...


However, I believe that they CAN see remotely enrolled courses on their end on the student's schedule. I'm wondering if perhaps there are specific reports/totals that they can't see... for example, they might not be able to tell "how many kids are enrolled in Welding". The other piece could of course be state reporting - can the system grab "your" classes and report those on the student (if that is needed)


I agree with you - having the courses in two places seems like overkill and could potentially lead to some issues if kids are dropped and/or added in one place and not the other. Probably the best suggestion would be to see if you can have someone sit down and show you what it looks like from their end - then maybe you can solve for it.


One of my former schools used to create a placeholder called "CTE AM" and "CTE PM" so for scheduling, it blocked that time off so someone wouldnt accidentally schedule them in there, but then the specific course was scheduled remotely AT the CTE center.


Gina Ciprotti