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Re: Enroll In Classes

Hello Bradymom2!


Thanks for reaching out! If you'd like to get your daughter enrolled in her teacher's PowerSchool Learning class you can reach out to her teacher directly via email. If your teacher needs help they can contact us, and we'll be happy to help however we can. 


Re: Enroll In Classes

Its pre school tho shes never been to school yet besides her daycare
m board
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Re: Enroll In Classes

Hi @bradymom2


It sounds like you may need to reach out to the school directly for the best path to register your student for Pre-School.


They should be able to direct you to the proper forms that would be needed for your situation. If you have any other Registration questions, our Registration team put together an article to help guide you to the best resources to help you with your issues.


I hope that gets you to where you need so you can get registered for Pre-School.








I am having trouble accessing the registration forms to do the preregistration. Can someone let me know where to find them? Thanks in advance!
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Re: Registration

Good Morning @FionaKinder!


Thank you for your post! For any issues related to accessing Registration forms, you will want to reach out to your child's school to confirm the registration link is up to date and to have them perform any additional troubleshooting as needed. Our Registration Team has also created a document of the most common questions asked during Registration season. That article may be found here:


Please reach out to us again if we can better address any further questions!




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Can't finish my son's School Registration

It doesn't let me finish the School restitration, gives me an error message saying there was a problem entering the info. it is for Clayton Valley Charter School

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Re: Can't finish my son's School Registration



Thank you for your post in our Community! We'll be in touch shortly to help with your registration questions.



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snapcode problem


I am helping parents register at Glencoe Elementry school. I am an employee at GES.  I have several people that have created account to register.  when we go to the link to register a returning student and put in the snapcode and birthdate it gives us this snapcode error.  Where do we go to log in as username and password?


Snapcode Problem


We are sorry, but there is a problem with the snapcode. It appears that the snapcode has already been associated with a different family account. In order to access this Returning Student Registration you MUST sign in as Craig H. (che*****@out*****.com) .

Note: a snapcode corresponds to a specific student’s Returning Student Registration . It can only be linked to a single PowerSchool Registration account (Email Address/Password). Once a snapcode has been linked to a specific account, those forms can only be accessed by logging in with that email address.

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Re: snapcode problem

 Hi @michelle_bradley


Thank you for your post in our Community. We have created a resource to help with the most common registration questions we are seeing:


We hope this is helpful. Please let us know if we can continue to help.



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Where do I enter the snapcode

I was able to register my son but cannot find the forms or where to put in snapcode