Questions About Online Registration


Questions About Online Registration


My family and I are moving to Cypress, TX by the end of this month. I have two children that will be attending a k-12 school in the fall, one going to the 10th grade and one going to the 5th grade. I was hoping to make it easier for me by applying to schools online, but I am unsure of several documents I need to upload.


Specifically the signed HLS, Guardian Packet, Address Affidavit, and proof of address. I do not know what most of those documents are exactly, but for the proof of address I run into a bit of a problem as the closing of the house has not come yet. Thus, I do not have closing documents or any water/gas bills. However, I do have access to a 1-4 family contract. Could that possibly work or should I wait until after the closing? As for the other documents, it would be very helpful if someone could enlighten me on what they are exactly. 


Thank you!

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi! @rrahman,


I recommend reaching out to the Enrollment section of the school district who should be able to provide you insights regarding the documents that need to be uploaded during the Enrollment process.  The school's website should contain the contact details of the Enrollment section. 



Muskan Sehar

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