Powerschool Certification/Advice


Powerschool Certification/Advice

Is there a Powerschool Certification that you can obtain to give you what you need to learn to administer Powerschool?

After looking through their website, I'm more confused than before. I am currently a Tier 1 tech in a school district and just looking for school specific training help me advance my career.

Thank you!

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PowerSchool Champion
PowerSchool Champion

This isn't a certification but I think will still be helpful.

Do you know if you school or district had PD+?

In PD+ they have a learning path called PowerSchool SIS: Technical Staff.

It has just under like 30 classes to take to help you get more familiar with the SIS.

It may be help to do that learning path if your school as access to PD+.




Actually there are some limited certification programs via PowerSchool University.  You need to take specific courses and then pass an exam within a certain time period of your training.  I assume this program is still going on via PSU.


PowerSchool Certification 

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A while back I know there was an initial product training (IPT) certificate offered at PSU.


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PowerSchool Mentor





Check with your school direct to see if you have a subscription to PD+

There is a course called School/District Administrator and a course called Technical Staff among many others.  I am taking the District Administrator's course now, and it so informative. I realized there were so many small things that I could do to save me so much time. The courses are self paced so I work on them in my spare time. They have been a game changer for me. The course have quizzes built in them and an overall quiz at the end.

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