Powerscheduler Combined Courses


Powerscheduler Combined Courses

I have been asked to have all 5 sections of our Honors Global course combined with only certain sections of our Global course. What is the best way to do this? Can I do this in the build process?


We have 10 sections of Global and of those 10, 5 sections will be combined with an Honors course. I have tried creating a constraint using Course Team. I have tried a Course Relationship of "Blocked for Building With" with a Relationship Type of "Simulaneous" and a Relationship Type of "Combine Into". I have tried a Course Relationship of "May be built Concurrent with". But my teachers are not ending up with these courses during the same periods.

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @stacyderrick,


After looking the thread over, I recommend reaching out to the PowerSchool SIS support team to assist you further on this. PowerSchool Designated Support Contacts can connect with the support team to have a look at your instance to provide the best way to combine 5 sections of the Honors Global course with only certain sections of the Global course.


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Were you ever able to get this working as you wanted? If so, could you describe what you ended up doing?


We are facing a similar situation and I've been trying to find answers but the KB is a little lacking on more complex scheduling scenarios . . .




I ended up creating a "fake teacher" and assigning them the honors classes and then manually forcing them to be the same hours of the regular classes I wanted them combined with.


Did this create two separate gradebooks? I'm looking for a solution that creates one gradebook as if it is one class.