PowerSchool PowerLunch Unable to post to all student from district.


PowerSchool PowerLunch Unable to post to all student from district.


This question is regarding posting PowerLunch deposits to student accounts from the district level.

Currently, our staff must enter the school site to post PowerLunch payments for each student. My question is, is it possible to post payments for students at the district level? If it is possible, what roles/access would the user need?

Currently when this is attempted the message received is "Student does not belong to this school".

Thank you for any ideas/help on this topic. 

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert


PowerLunch offers the ability for staff members to submit lunch payment deposits for a student at the school level and not at the district level since the student is enrolled at the school level and not district level.

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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Hello all,

If you are looking at this question and want a solution. Please follow the following steps to allow posting to students in any school.

1. Log into PowerSchool
2. Navigate to Start Page > PowerLunch > Set Prices and Options
3. Toggle the check box that states " Allow students from any school through the lunch line (affects all schools)"
4. Submit the page