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PowerSchool - Access to Help Resources

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I work with one of the local school boards as a consultant and require access to the self-help resources for PowerSchool. How would one go about gaining access to these resources?


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One of the support folks were assisting a technician from the school through support.powerschool.com and provided us a link to https://help.powerschool.com/t5/PowerSchool-SIS-Administrator/Hosting-Services-FAQ/ta-p/62650.


He signed up for an account on help.powerschool.com as well as I did, but we are unable to access this resource. Trying to setup incoming LDAPS to our on-prem AD server and we require access to this resource to move forward.

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Only technical contacts submitted and approved by the school district has access to some of the resources, especially those related to most back-end and server related resources. 


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Hi @cameliasolut


Thank you for posting in the Community! 


The link of the resource you have shared is in the PowerSchool SIS Administrator Knowledge Base which is accessible by the Designated Support Contacts in your school or district.  You will want to connect with the Designated Support Contacts in your school or district to request this access. 


You can also send an email to businessoperations@powerschool.com to request PowerSchool Support works with your school or district to request the Designated Support Contact role on your behalf.


The beginning of the article Getting started on PowerSchool Community for Designated Support Contacts walks through the process of requesting access to Administrator resources in the Community.


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