PowerScheduler kickoff Years and Term Issue at New Year Rollover


PowerScheduler kickoff Years and Term Issue at New Year Rollover

To kickoff Powerscheduler for the next year the system requires me to create the years and terms for it.  However, when I create the next year in years and terms it copies (behind the scenes) the attendance codes/conversions and bell schedule settings from the current to the next term.  Often times, I have changes to these settings during the later half of the current year that need to be carried over to next year.  After new year rollover I'm having to update these settings so they match how the previous school year ended. Is there a step I'm missing that would make this process easier?

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Yes, your understanding is correct. Once a new year is created PowerSchool SIS copies the settings from the current term. You might also want to refer this document on the End of Year process. Other PowerSchool SIS users may have shared methods of doing this in Exchange. We hope that other Community members drop by and share their insight on this if they have found out a solution to this.


If you want to rerun the copy for attendance codes and conversions from the later half of the current year to the next year then this is a great idea for an Enhancement request, you can submit it as an idea on PowerSchool Ideas Portal. Here is an article that will walk you through the process of submitting an Enhancement request in the Community. Other Community members can also vote and comment on your idea.


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