PowerScheduler Team set-up (dynamic team)

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PowerScheduler Team set-up (dynamic team)

Do any of you have tips for creating dynamic teams where sections are assigned to teams and PowerScheduler loads and balances?  Here's a bit from 'Help' in P/S, "If you create dynamic teams, you define the team names and assign teachers to the teams, but allow the system to decide which students to assign to which teams for the best possible balance."  I've set up a bunch of teams and some are working and some are not.  Are there guidelines for naming teams i.e. no spaces or forward slashes, etc.?

1. We want students to have the same teacher both semesters but it doesn't matter which period.  So, for instance, we have two teachers for History 8.  We want a student to be able to have Mr. Greep period 1 in S1 and the same or any other period in S2.  So, I've created a Team Greep 8 but most of the students are loading into the other History 8 teacher's classes.  Why are they not balancing?

2. For our 6th-grade classes, I've created teams by teacher and period, i.e. Forbes 6/3  (History 6, 3rd period) and I've assigned that team to her 3rd period S1 and S2 sections.  Some sections are getting filled and others not.  Any tips?

3. If a team is created for a few sections of a course do all of the other sections need to also be assigned to a team or will they go there by default?  i.e. Ms. J teaches four sections of Math 7 and Mr. Chen has the balance of the Math 7 classes.  I've created teams for Ms. J but students are filling up Mr. Chen's classes and hardly any going into Ms. J's sections. 

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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In general, when creating a team and naming it, always avoid trailing space, that is the white space located at the end without any other characters following it.  We recommend working with the current designated support contact within your school district.  They should be able to assist you further in connecting you with the PowerSchool SIS Support team to discuss your required scenarios.

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