Power Teacher Pro - Scoresheet total scores wrong.


Power Teacher Pro - Scoresheet total scores wrong.

Hello everyone,


We have set up reporting terms for our teachers as follows;









At the moment our teachers gradebooks have stopped calculating scores correctly within Q1.


Here is an example 


This student's overall score is 29 out of a possible 32 which is 90% and on our grade scale is an E. However the grade book in Q1 says that this is 75% and an S.


If I switch to S1, the score, percentage, and grade are all correct.




 Can anyone help diagnose the issue here?


I have looked within the reporting terms set up and within the course for anything out of the ordinary but could not find anything.


Any help will be much appreciated.



Thomas Griffiths

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PowerSchool Champion
PowerSchool Champion

@thomasgriffiths  The first thing to do is have the teacher run the Recalculate Final Scores functions in all classes. This may correct the problem. Some other things you can look at are the Traditional Grade Calcs in each term, although it looks like they are using Total Points in both terms. It doesn't look like it given the point count, but is one Term dropping the lowest score? Check the assignments and make sure they are identical in both terms--if they were created in one term and copied to another the teacher could have altered them in one of the terms, although that doesn't seem to be the case (again) from the screenshots.

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