PS Enrollment - Bio Update. Who has experience with this?


PS Enrollment - Bio Update. Who has experience with this?

Hi all-

We will be using the PS Enrollment Bio Update for the first time this year. Does anyone have any wisdom they can share from doing this before?


If families complete a bio update - does all of that info automatically get updated in the SIS system? If not, what steps do we need to take to make that happen? If a Bio Update is completed by the family after Start of Year processes have completed, are there other steps we would need to take?


And - if someone adds a medical alert, do we get flagged if this new info comes through, or do we need to download separately to see?


Thank you!

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PowerSchool Team
PowerSchool Team

The Bio Update is a form that is similar to a Re-Registration form for current students of your school district. This form will contain pre-populated data from your SIS and parents will be able to review this data and update their information.


The data delivery process will deliver the data into the SIS and this can be automated using a scheduled job. Data Delivery - API Delivery 


If someone adds a medical alert, a submission tagging rule can be configured to tag the student records who have added a new medical alert. Workspace Basics - Filters and Tags 

We would recommend that you reach out to the technical contact of your School District so that they can create a case using the case portal to get in touch with your Enrollment Support team in order to discuss this form in further detail.