Other grading options for dropped scores?

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Other grading options for dropped scores?

I'm interested in dropping the lowest score of my students in two categories.


When I go to the Dop Low Scores tab 



It says drops lowest score regardless of assignment weight.


So, if a student has a 3 out of 5 and a 5 out of 100, the program will drop the 3pt assignment, correct?


Is there another option where it would drop whichever score would be most favorable for the student?  (The 5/100 mentioned above rather than 3/5.)


Or does it convert scores to percent before dropping?  (ie.  it would be 60% vs 5% in the above example and drop the 5%)


I could still see a case where dropping a 40 out of 100 would be better for a student's score than dropping a 3 out of 5.

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Happy Monday,@happycamper 


PT Pro will convert to a percent before dropping, so you are correct when you say it will drop the 5/100 instead of the 3/5.


You are (sadly) correct when you say this could actually hurt a student average, since PT Pro inexplicably doesn't consider weight.

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