Notes on Recommendation to Hire Form

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Notes on Recommendation to Hire Form

Can a box be added on the recommendation to hire form where we can enter updated status notes? I know there's a comment box to enter notes when the form is sent to the next step in the workflow, but I'd like a box where I can enter notes before the document is sent on to the next step (like notes on why the document is being delayed and not being sent to the next step in the process).



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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

We love your effort to help make Unified Talent Hire better for everyone.

The feature to send status updates in workflows isn't currently built into Unified Talent Hire, However, I have submitted a feature request on your behalf to add an option to let people involved in a workflow leave a status update on the progress of an application.  

Thank You for being a contributing member of the PowerSchool Community!

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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