Nobody answers my question about the schoology basic teacher removal.


Nobody answers my question about the schoology basic teacher removal.

Ok, enough is enough.  I want answers to why Schoology Teacher Basic was removed, and all I get is someone telling me that Schoology Basic is discontinued without telling me why. I am tired of this. If someone could tell me why, I would be grateful. I don't want any people replying on this post saying that "Schoology Basic is discontinued, please use a Enterprise Account." Just please, answer the question "Why is Schoology discontinuing the Basic Teacher registration?".

Thomas Menapace
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PowerSchool Mentor
PowerSchool Mentor

You will likely not find an answer that will meet your satisfaction.  The best you will likely get is that because of product integration efforts and in order to best meet the needs of their customers they are choosing to discontinue that area.  This is not unusual when products are acquired by other companies or when the product becomes more main streamed.  It often becomes unfeasible for the company to continue to provide services to their free accounts without impacting services provided to paying customers.  

Other platforms and products frequently offer free accounts when launching and shift to a full pay model over time.  This is all that you see happening here.  

I can understand your frustration, I have experienced the same thing with other products.  

Jason Bengs, M. Ed
SIS/Database Administrator

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