New SchoolSpring unusable


New SchoolSpring unusable

I'd like to express my frustration and displeasure with the updated Schoolspring interface. Searching has become much more cumbersome and difficult. A case in point:

  • To search for jobs in a specific district, I need to input the city or zip. OK, fair enough, but rather than do this multiple times for multiple districts, I'd prefer to be able to search by geographic radius. 
  • Using the map is near impossible. It seems I can search by EITHER specific zip OR entire state, followed by a convenient eight or nine clicks to zoom the map into my desired geographic area. It was so much easier to simply search within a specific radius on the old platform.
  • Rather than seeing all jobs recently posted within that radius, I now have to search for specific job title. OK, that's fair enough..."teacher" seems obvious. So obvious that it sounds kind of silly to search for the job of "teacher" on a site dedicated to posting teacher jobs. But this search doesn't account for the multitude of titles and synonymous positions across districts. It's been a lot of fun looking for a library position searching repeatedly for different synonyms for this job..."LMS", "librarian", "library", "digital literacy", "technology". Again, unnecessarily cumbersome. 

Please bring back a dedicated geographic radius search as well as a recently posted jobs feature for within that radius. The map just isn't cutting it. 

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Community Support Expert

Hi @tm16scud 


I apologize for the inconvenience caused.


The radius feature was discontinued in favor of the map with search by city instead. We recommend reviewing this article: How-to-search-by-location-in-SchoolSpring to assist you with the steps to search for locations using the City, State and Zip Code fields.  You can also pan and zoom on an area on the map to locate open positions. There might also be a location drop down with prepopulated city, state included in the future.


 For further assistance, we recommend reaching out to your district.

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Agree! The new system is virtually impossible to use!
With the old program job seeking was easy… type in your information and multiple jobs appeared!
I am looking for options within a state and not a specific district, which is how the new system works… so frustrating to consistently get “0 results “ when trying to search an entire state!
The “other” job find site (which I used to think ranked below School Spring) has now become my go to!
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Hi @morgansuze,


We understand your concern and recommend reviewing the following articles that will help you get started in the new SchoolSpring.


Q&A: How can I look for the jobs with the new SchoolSpring?


Q&A: Is there a way of getting the notifications for new jobs via new SchoolSpring?


How to search by location in SchoolSpring



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This is like searching for a job with an AOL dial-up connection in the 1990's. Its simply a huge step back. If you put in a city and state you get nothing. If you put in the city, you get multiple state listings. Please fix this and bring back the search radius!