Need information on creating an Admin ad-hoc "export roster" report in Professional Learning


Need information on creating an Admin ad-hoc "export roster" report in Professional Learning

From the "view roster" screen in PL, when the "export roster" button is pressed, this is the message:


"There are no export templates configured in ad-hoc reporting. Please have an administrator create a saved ad-hoc report for the roster with a title that starts with 'Export:' "


I don't find any information on how to create this report anywhere.


Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me.


Loretta Naas

Intermediate Clerk Typist

San Juan Unified School District

Carmichael, California

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi! @LorettaN14 


There are Designated Support Contacts within each district that can assist you with how-to questions and troubleshooting steps for PowerSchool products.  I recommend reaching out to the Designated Support Contacts who should be able to assist you in creating an Admin ad-hoc export roster report.  The Designated Support Contacts can work with PowerSchool Support when further assistance is needed.

Muskan Sehar

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This is most likely cause by whether or not you have access to the Reporting tab within Performance Matter.


Also, depending on what data you actually need, Export Roster is very limited. What's not included in the Export Roster is User ID and User Email which may be what you're trying to accomplish.


In order to pull that data down, you would need to create a custom ad-hoc report and report on the Section ID to get a better pull of data (including any information entered in on the User Profile)


Hope that helps and best of luck