Maneuverability of Answer Key Only Questions and Sections


Maneuverability of Answer Key Only Questions and Sections

Have the technicians/programmers of the Performance Matters platform considered creating the ability to maneuver questions in Answer Key Only (AKO) tests by dragging from one place to another? 


For example, a 25 question test has been created but it was later decided question 15 is better placed on the test as question 10.  This becomes problematic because the only options are to:

  1. Delete questions 10 - 25 and enter question 15 in the #10 spot. Then re-enter the remainder of the questions.
  2. OR start over.

There is no option to simply drag question 15 to the number 10 spot, which is the case with Online Assessments.  Also in Online Assessments, section questions can be maneuvered when sections have been added.  Sections in the Answer Key Only Assessments cannot be maneuvered either.

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That is a great suggestion, thank you for your help in improving the Performance Matters product for all users.


I have submitted a feature request on your behalf with the Performance Matters product team to incorporate the feature to move questions in Answer Key Only (AKO) tests by dragging them from one place to another.  The product development team will assess the feasibility of the feature before incorporating it into Performance Matters.

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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Wonderful!  I cannot tell you how much your submission of my suggestion is appreciated!!

I am confident your product team will develop a solution that will further the efficiency of test construction.