Low Grade Report


Low Grade Report

How can I create Weekly Low Grade Reports?


I would like for advisory teachers to print/access reports that will list all of their advisory students that have grades below 70%. This would mean that the Advisory teacher would need access to grades of ALL student classes (science, math, English) to see if any of their advisees are dropping below passing scores each week.


Is this possible? How can I do this? Can they be automatically generated weekly?



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Re: Low Grade Report

We use eSchoolPlus and SSRS. We setup the advisors with activities and then have a report which can also be scheduled to run and email to the advisor. We use SSRS for reporting but if you use Cognos I would think the same features would be available.

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Re: Low Grade Report

Hello! @rdelaney,

Thank You so much for reaching out to PowerSchool Community!!


In PowerSchool SIS, grades of all student classes are only accessible by users with admin role (Designated Support Contacts) within the district or teachers who are co-teachers to all the classes. 

For advisory teachers to print or access reports that will list all of their advisory students that have low grades, I would recommend either they become co-teacher of all the classes or they can become district administrators or Designated Support Contacts of the respected school district.


If you are not a Designated Support Contact and feel you should be a Designated Support Contact, I recommend reaching out to a Designated Support Contact in the district to request assistance with any PowerSchool product.     


You can also email businessoperations@powerschool.com and PowerSchool will work with the current Designated Support Contacts within your school district to request the Designated Support Contact role is added to your PowerSchool account on your behalf.    





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Re: Low Grade Report

I think its possible to do with Apex, we were recently shown a report you can download from powersource that pulls PT pro grades and you can easily filter the grades.


Check out the exchange and do a search for "apex"...its called PT Pro calculation report or something like that


You would just have to make sure the user needing to run the report has a role that has access to enterprise reporting.



Re: Low Grade Report

I think I may have told you wrong above about that downloadable report, I think our presenter created one in class that was able to do this by linking a few tables.