Lotterease Enrollease System


Lotterease Enrollease System

Does anyone have experience using the Lotterease Enrollease system that supposedly connects to PowerSchool and uses a lottery system and a system that will connect and pull the students into PowerSchool for enrollment? Wondering people's thoughts on it? 


Looking at them versus the PowerSchool Lottery/Enrollment system. 

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Hi @acook99 


We encourage our community members to share their experiences with the Lotterease Enrollease system and its integration with PowerSchool Enrollment.


I would like to share some new PowerSchool Enrollment features that may be of use to you.


PowerSchool Enrollment includes new enhancements to help improve the School Choice experience.


  • A new “Automatically Fill Open Seats” option is present within the School Choice Workspace. You no longer need to seek out open seats and manually fill them.

  • A new “Allow Decision on Multiple Offers” option is present within the School Choice Workspace. Regardless of the choice preference order, parents can respond to each offered seat independently without the students’ other seated choices automatically being declined.

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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