Locking MidTerms stops grade entries


Locking MidTerms stops grade entries

We are having an issue with PowerTeacher Pro and trying to find the solution.    All of our PowerTeacher Pro assignments from midterm (M1) are locked because the term is locked.   


We want our teachers to to change or enter grades for late assignments. So we are debating unlocking the term.   Do boards lock midterm after the term, or do they keep them locked?


I am thinking the locking is the mistake, but I want to check other boards.   We locked it because we dont want to change data that was on the midterm report card, BUT we DO want people to change their grades.

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PowerSchool Champion
PowerSchool Champion

If you want teachers to be able to make changes to grades in PT Pro, you will have to unlock the term. You can also lock/unlock individual sections on the Teacher Schedule page.


Grade changes in PT Pro have no bearing on the Historical Grades page (StoredGrades table) unless you re-store grades. Standards grades in PT Pro do sync, however, so any changes to Standards grades will be seen in real-time on the Admin side.

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