Legal Questions for App Integration


Legal Questions for App Integration

Hello, I'm trying to contact someone who has the answer to a quick question. I work for a small marketing company that has developed a community app. Within that app we have a local school section and want to link to the existing Powerschool portal. We don't want to edit the code, or change anything, we simple want to make sure that linking to the web portal of powerschool is acceptable and legal for us to do? If it's not what are the neccesary steps for the two things to work together?

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Community Support Expert

Hi @KATCompany


You can learn more about PowerSchool partners and look into becoming a partner using the link mentioned here.

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@KATCompany since it sounds like all you're trying to do is post a link to your local schools' existing public PowerSchool portals, that wouldn't require a developer contract with PowerSchool.  You're not trying to build any integrations that would get installed within the PowerSchool software itself, if I'm reading your question correctly.


It's just the same as if I create a typical Web page on my own domain and list off the surrounding schools like a directory, and here's the convenient link to that school's PowerSchool login page, here's a directory of links to local restaurants, here's a page of links to local automotive service centers, etc.


That has no legal requirement.  They're just publicly available URLs.

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@KATCompany ...Just as @JeromeO is simply a hyperlink from one location to a website. We have a district mobile app and we have links to PowerSchool, MySchoolBucks and a few other things. No legal issues. 

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