June 2020 Contest

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June 2020 Contest

We have an exciting contest for June.  We have created a scavenger hunt in the PowerSchool Community.  Share your answers with us in this thread.  The first 20 members that respond in fullwith the correct information, will be recognized and receive a reward. 


Let the scavenger hunt begin! 

  1. Rate a knowledge base article from How to Use our Community or GettinStarted blog, provide the link to the article. 
  2. Find the article that walks through How to Subscribe in the Community.  Provide the link to the article. 
  3. How do you narrow down search results by a specific location in the Community? (Hint: This information can be found in our Community Search Tips! article) 
  4. If you do not have a personalized avatar, upload an image to personalize your avatar.  This can be done by selecting your avatar at the top right of the page, the round image, and choose My Settings.  In your Settings page, select the Avatar tab to upload an image. 
  5. Tell us about your favorite feature in the PowerSchool Community. 

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Re: June 2020 Contest

-Here is an article that is helpful about how to tag specific users.




-How to subscribe and manage notifications!




-Here is how to narrow your search!


How to Narrow Down Your Search


If you would like to narrow down this search a bit more, just leave the search bar blank and click Enter. This will take you to a Search page where you can narrow down your results by Location, Author, Date, Metadata, Type of Post, and what the post Contains.



From here you can still search the full Community or decide how you would like to narrow down your search.


Let's say you searched the full Community for Single Sign On, here is what you may see:



You'll see that we have several articles on this topic and can select the one you are looking for.


If you already know where the item is located, you can click on Location and filter for that specific area:




You can also, click on Advanced for additional ways to modify your search. Some suggestions you can try include:

  • Use quotes to search for an "exact phrase"
  • Use the + plus sign to search for one or more words
  • Use the - minus sign to exclude certain words from your search
  •  You can search by topic.  Topics are labels associated with knowledge base articles and forums.  For example, PowerSchool Learning, Teachers, FAQs, Getting Started, and Community Guidelines. 

-Take a look at my Avatar! That is one of my puppers dressed as Dobby the house elf!


-To me, the best thing about the community is the possibility of interacting with folks like @Jason_Springel who know PowerSchool inside and out.





Full Disclosure: I do not work for PowerSchool
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PowerSchool Mentor

Re: June 2020 Contest

1.  Here's a link to an article I found helpful in How to Use our Community, it's about the new Ideas Portal:  https://help.powerschool.com/t5/How-to-use-our-Community/Submitting-an-Enhancement-Request-in-the-Co...


2.  Here's the link on now to subscribe to notifications:  https://help.powerschool.com/t5/Getting-Started/Subscriptions-and-Notifications/ba-p/3644


3.  Community Search Tips:  https://help.powerschool.com/t5/How-to-use-our-Community/Can-t-find-what-you-are-looking-for-Here-ar...


4.  I already have an avatar.


5.  My favorite Community feature is the notifications alert that appears by icon at the top of the screen.  I can quickly and easily see if any of the subscriptions I follow has information waiting for me to review.



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Re: June 2020 Contest