Issues: PowerSchool Gradebook on new Mac

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Issues: PowerSchool Gradebook on new Mac

I cannot download the gradebook onto my Mac (newest version of iOS). The message reads "cannot be opened becauase Apple cannot check it for malicious software" and that there needs to do an update on the developers end (aka PowerSchool's end). This is problematic, as I am unable to enter grades at the current moment, my work computer has crashed and this is my only computer to use to do my work/grade my students. 

If anyone know what to do, help is much needed. I am quite baffled if PowerSchool has not updated to address this (given the current state of things) and I cannot be the only educator with a newer Mac and this problem. If you were able to troubleshoot this, your wisdom would be appreciated. 

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PowerSchool Champion

If you have the administrative rights on your computer, you can override the warning.  This Apple post will lead you through the process. 


If you don't have admin rights, you will need to contact your school or district's tech support to allow for the installation of old PowerSchool Gradebook on your coimputer.  

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