IEP changes disappeared when clicking Save and Done

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IEP changes disappeared when clicking Save and Done

I have lost a lot of time and effort in updating an IEP. Changes made two weeks ago were saved, however, when entering new changes and clicking "Save and Continue" frequently, the new changes were visible. After I made changes, I clicked Save and Done and ALL the changes disappeared that were made today as well as some made two weeks ago. The changes were beneath a table I inserted, not sure that had something to do with it. Also, the Save work Reminder came up frequently even though I was saving frequently which made me think the system was not saving my work. In any case. I rebooted and the changes were still gone and the work gone. This has happened to me once before. 


Is there a way to recover the previous saved version that I was supposedly "saving" the whole way. We should be confident that when we click Save and Continue, our work is being saved.

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Hi @gburkholder,


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I understand after clicking the Save and Done, all the changes disappeared. This might happen if there has been a long-time period of inactivity within the Special Programs site, and you may have been automatically logged out.  Due to this, all the data that was entered into the document were lost because of the inactivity timeout, when save and done was clicked.  Would you mind logging out of the Special Programs site and logging in again to see if you are able to successfully enter the data and save the updates?


If you have any queries, feel free to reach us.

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Is there a way to store previous saved versions of draft evaluation reports? If so, how?


Correction: Is there a way to RESTORE previously saved Draft versions of Evaluation Reports.