I'm trying to watch a webinar that I missed...


I'm trying to watch a webinar that I missed...


I'm trying to watch a webinar that I missed ... On-demand Recording | PowerSchool Enrollment Self Service Webinar. I've signed in but get the Hmmm...you don't have access message. I'm not sure where to go to find the webinar. Can you help me, please?

Patty Peterson


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Hi! @ppeterson 


To help you further, I will reach out to you privately to gather more information, this is part of our efforts to protect the privacy of our community members.


You can view your private messages on the PowerSchool Community by selecting the envelope on the top right corner of any page, to the right of your avatar.  When a new message appears, you will see a number one symbol enclosed in a dark red circle on the envelope.

Muskan Sehar

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