How to schedule a course in differen periods?


How to schedule a course in differen periods?

Dear all,

Is it possible to schedule a course in different periods? 

For example, I have a Math teacher, the teacher set to teach 1 sections.

The course preference is set 1 period for a day (Total 5 days).

By default, the system will build the section in same period each day (Eg. A-E P1). I want the system can build these in differents period (Eg. A P1, B P7, C P3, D P2, E P1).


If the system can do this, please let me know where to set it up.


Many many Thanks!!!

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PowerSchool Champion
PowerSchool Champion

Hi @JasonFss13 , give the course only one Valid Start Period on the Preferences tab in PowerScheduler.

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PowerSchool Mentor
PowerSchool Mentor

It sounds like you are doing a Build in PowerScheduler. If there is only one section of the course, it will not create varying periods if you have only one day chosen.  However, if you have different days (Monday is different than Tuesday, Tuesday is different than Wednesday, etc.), then the section could be scheduled for different periods per day. You'll have to make sure you have 5 days set for your scheduling scenario which is under the Scenario name if that is what you really intend (5 different schedules each week).   Then in the course preference select each possible period as the Valid Start Period.