How to avoid schedule teachers in same period? PowerScheduler


How to avoid schedule teachers in same period? PowerScheduler

Dear all,

I got a question when I schedule courses in PowerScheduler.

Is there possible to aviod two teachers in one class schedule period in same time?

For example, I have two teachers name A and B. They are both in G1A class. A is Math teacher, B is English teacher. How can I aviod them scheduled in same period in PowerScheduler? 

If they are scheduled in same period, it may cause students have two course in same period.

If you have any advise, please let me know.


Many many thanks you all. 

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Hi @JasonFss13 ,


Thank you for reaching out in the PowerSchool Community!


Building Constraints depends on what you already have set up in PowerScheduler.  However, based on your post it appears you want to avoid scheduling teachers in the same period. There are a variety of  Build and Load Constraints.  Based on what you are trying to accomplish, we recommend either the Pre-Schedule Constraint for both teachers. Or you can use the Schedule Break Constraint to tell the system one of the teachers are getting a break. The full definitions of the Constraints are listed below: 


The Pre-Schedule constraint can be used to schedule sections of a course ahead of time when you already know exactly when and where they must meet in the master schedule.



The Schedule Break constraint can be used to add flexibility to teachers’ max-in-a-row count, or the maximum number of classes a teacher can teach consecutively.


Please let us know if this helps you accomplish your goals.

Nina R.
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