How can I change grading scales for all courses at once?


How can I change grading scales for all courses at once?

KIPP St.Louis uses several different grading scales and currently elementary has incorrect grading scales and when I try to change them within a class section or from the district side it's only working for a few random teachers/classes but not all? Help quarter 1 ends next Friday 10/15.

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PowerSchool Mentor

Here is what I would do: 


1. I would go into DDE and search the courses table for a Course that you know has the correct grade scale.

2. Make a note of the GradeScaleID

3. Isolate the courses you need to change by either exporting all courses and creating an import file with the GradeScaleID you want to update or if you have access to DDA and can isolate the courses you need you can Modify the GradeScaleID for those courses there.


If you need the import templates:


Also, it should be noted I'm focusing on the Courses table because most of the section probably have the Same as Course option selected at the individual section level. 


Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 10.08.06 AM.png


Finally, if you do use the IMPORT TEMPLATE to make the change I highly suggest a test import of 1 course change to make sure the import is acting as expected. If you get the expected results then upload the rest.


Doug Skinner

District Instructional Data Officer
Gateway Regional School District

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