How Could I disable older file on the SFTP?


How Could I disable older file on the SFTP?

There are many similar file on the SFTP. But only 21-22 file is the latest.

And when I delete the older file, it will show on SFTP automatically everyday.

Hou could I disable the older file on SFTP?





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PowerSchool Mentor
PowerSchool Mentor

Since the file name without the year is still being updated on your server, something is still sending it out. This is why no matter how many times you delete it on the receiving end in your server, it still reappears the next day.


You'll need to investigate your exports to determine which ones are still actively sending files with those specific names. 

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Yes, But almost them are 21-22 file on the PowerSchool system templates.


Do you know if there are other templates on the PowerSchool.

Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @Waite


We recommend you try checking the Auto sends and the Schedule System Templates at the school level to make sure that no individual schools have these running.

Saffiya Tasneem
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