HTML Language


HTML Language

Apparently P.S. has updated their HTML Language & my current form letters will not generate when making changes.

Any suggestions?


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Re: HTML Language

@jraysinIf you are encountering Cross-Site Scripting errors, here is the knowledgebase article.

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Re: HTML Language

Without seeing you code it can be hard to pinpoint.


Cross site scripting happens for a number of different reasons. The first would be to make sure if you have any deprecated HTML codes...A common one for us  that I found in a couple of our older form letters was the <font> tag. 


Also, make sure all of your tags are closed properly and in the right order...


For example when using bold and underline it should be::


<b><u>INSERT WORD</u></b>




<b><u>INSERT WORD</b></u>


Some of these things used to pass, but won't any longer.

Doug Skinner

District Instructional Data Officer
Gateway Regional School District

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