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Graduation Planner Help

I am from Ohio and trying to incorporate the seal requirements in our graduation planner as test requirements.  I have set up the Seal Requirement as a Group Requirement and chose ANY instead of ALL because I want to be able to list all possible seals that students can earn.  However, it then shows up that only 1 requirement must be met but in Ohio they must earn 2 seals.  Is there a work around for this?  It seems like any or all are our only options.  Thanks!  


I've attached a picture to hopefully clarify what my issue is.  

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Hi @mforker 


Thank you for reaching out in the PowerSchool Community!


If you set your requirements to ALL instead of ANY, does it show that 2 or more requirements must be met?


Also, are you seeing tabs for Legacy RequirementsClass of  2021 and 2022, and  Permanent Requirements?  These tabs include Other Graduation Requirements Met.  Using one of these options will override calculations and cause a Graduation Requirements Met - Other section to appear with a green checkmark to indicate the student has met graduation requirements.


Would using the Other Graduation Requirements Met tab be a viable option for you?  If not, we suggest working with the Designated Support Contact at your school to determine best practices to help you accomplish your goals. 


Please let us know if you have any more questions or need further assistance. We will be happy to help!




Nina R.
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When I set it to ANY it shows that only 1 requirement must be met. 


I am using the most up to date Graduation Plan (watched the insider video that was released on Aug 6th) -- I am not seeing the tabs that you mentioned.  


We do have a workaround that we figured out.  For the seals, we are going to use the SUM logic to show if they have 1 or 2 seals rather than showing their actual state test scores.  I will definitely play around with the Other Graduation Requirements Met and see if that can provide the option we need.  


Thank you!