Grades Stored with Issues


Grades Stored with Issues

For the 1st quarter at two of our buildings grades were stored incorrectly.  We have homeroom classes in each building that do not need a grade stored but it looks like a grade of 0 was stored for all students in those buildings.  How can you go back are fix the issue so that the homeroom does not show a grade?  I am quite new to PowerSchool and am a secondary contact that does not typically handle these issues.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Depending on the number of records created utilizing DDA maybe the fastest route. Just be aware that DDA if not used properly can cause a lot of chaos.


Here is a link to a guide on the PowerSchool SIS Administrator Knowledge Base that goes over using DDA to remove stored grades:


If this is your districts first time utilizing DDA ensure you follow the guide in the above link and if self hosted build a backup prior to making DDA changes in the event something goes amiss.


If you have a test site it would be worth while to have it restored and walk through using DDA on your test environment first to ensure the results are as anticipated.


Alternatively when you go to use DDA if you filter down to target just 1 student record first that can help alleviate the headache if a mistake is made. N of 1 as a mistake is far better than an entire database : )


Hope this helps.



-Matt Molloseau