Gradebook correction

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Gradebook correction

I added assignments to my homeroom class by mistake so I deleted them and now I can't get a 0 grade to stop showing up on the progress report.  Any suggestions?

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Community Support Expert

Hi, @achall,


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You will need to look at how the assignments were deleted and how they were set up before they were deleted, for troubleshooting this issue. We recommend you reach out to your district's Technical Contact, who should be able to assist you further. 




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@achallAre you using PowerTeacher Pro? Are these Traditional or Standards grades you are asking about? Does the Progress Report pull stored grades (from the StoredGrades table)? If it does, it will display the Stored Grades regardless of what the teacher's gradebook says, as Traditional Grades in PT Pro and the Admin Side do not "talk to each other."

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