Final Grade Not Calculating Correctly

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Final Grade Not Calculating Correctly

Hello, I am a parent and I help our daughter keep up with her grade based on the category weightings in PowerSchool.  Her school calculates major assignments at 40%, minor at 40% and content at 20%.  When I copy the graded assignments from powerschool and multiply them by the weighting based on the category, I get a different grade.  I have noticed powerschool has a footnote on final grades that indicates

“This grade may include assignments that are not yet published or that are the result of a special weighting.” I asked the teacher what that might be and she said there is no special weighting, etc. and she did not know why the calculation I have is different than what is in powerschool.  It is pretty basic math: grade times each weight). get the average for each category. Total the categories.


1 - what am I doing wrong OR

2 - what should I be asking about that could be affecting the grade


As a parent, I feel that a student should be able to calculate and keep up with their grade.

Thank you

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Without access to the teacher's gradebook no one on this forum will likely be able to help you. I can tell as someone that works with over 70 PowerSchool Districts that PowerTeacher Pro does not make mathematical errors.


You should be able to ask the teacher for an "Individual Student Report" from PT Pro.



Full Disclosure: I do not work for PowerSchool